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Basque Whalers in Labrador and Terranova

Ideal for small groups of 10 to 30 passengers with an interest in discovering the history and traces left by those brave Basque sailors in search of whales. The route begins in St. Johns, the capital of Newfoundland, the most vibrant city of the island with 100,000 inhabitants. Here you will find a variety of grade races, the route departs here and follows to St. Pierre and Miquelon, where you will already begin to witness traces of Basque sailors. We then continue to Port Aux Basques.

The port of entry into Newfoundland remains important today, and in the history of whaling. From here, heading north along the west coast of Newfoundland we will find many sheltered sea coves where sailors anchored their boats as a base, and from there went to fishing in their drifters. Another included highlight is Port Aux Choix.

Finally we will cross the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the ferry to Labrador to the epicenter of the heart of the story. “Red Bay” is a protected area. Every spring the galleons docked here from the Basque Country, this was their base and from here they organized their fishing operation. One can still find remnants of the processing of the fat extracted from whales.

Since the discovery of the San Juan galleon which dates from 1530 and sank in Red Bay in 1977, this small town of no more than 100 inhabitants currently lives almost exclusively from the museum dedicated to the history of whaling. The ideal time for this trip is from June to September for ideal weather conditions and whale sightings.

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Aurora Borealis in Fairbank Alaska

​​The recommended time to visit is at the end of August. This event is a great outdoor event combined with a visit to Denali National Park and its Mt.Mckinley, as well as a visit to the city of Anchorage. This area offers multiple combinations.

Route 66

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​​Declared the city of art in 2015, as well as being home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This museum hosts the world renowned Barness Foundation collection, the largest representation of French Impressionism.

Historically, Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of America. The city is famous for the “Liberty Bell” and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Their culinary reputation is also one of the highlights of the city. This city is ideal to visit with a route incorporating Washington or NYC due to its close proximity.